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Commercial Air Hockey

An air hockey game table is a well loved favorite of many people both young and old. Our commercial air hockey tables deliver fast, non-stop action for everyone who plays. They are also tournament tested to ensure quality. As your patrons play together on our air hockey game table, they will be able to tell a difference and will keep coming back for more.

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Air Hockey challenges and entertains people both young and old. With our fun and exciting air hockey table people will never want to stop playing. We use top of the line air hockey tables that provide for premier game play. Our commercial air hockey tables feature the patented “dyna-blast” blower system that delivers fast, non-stop action for everyone who plays. Our tables also feature a UV coating that allows the playfield, rails, and graphics to glow under almost any light conditions! The UV coating along with black light graphics illuminated by an overhead black light ensure that everyone will stop and take notice.


All our coin operated commercial air hockey tables come with cheat proof coin mechanisms to ensure that your business is making the most profit possible. Call us to look into the possibility of placing a coin operated air hockey table in your business! You won’t regret the run and revenue our tables will bring to your business!

Air Hockey Tables for Sale-
Bring the thrill home!

We also have air hockey tables for sale if you would like to make an addition to your home game room. We will work with you to make all your dreams for a home arcade come true!

At Southern Games, coin operated arcade games are our passion and our service is second to none.